Telematics – Fleet Management Solutions

We provide one of the most complete telematics solutions, by Teltonika, which operates in countries around the world and manages thousands of vehicles. The VRES application enables the fleet managers to control the fleet in a simple and effective way, which is proven by the clear increase in productivity and quality of services provided.

Why you should choose this solution

Teltonika telematics is mainly aimed at companies that want to control their fleet of vehicles at any time: Road transport, Courier services, Transport and distribution companies, schools, fuel distributors, roadside assistance companies, but even individuals who want even more security for their vehicle.

VRES (Lite) management system features

  • Real time vehicle and driver monitoring
  • Crucial information regarding the condition of the vehicle (parked, stopped, in motion,detailed speed, idle, etc.)
  • Route history
  • Scheduling of vehicle inspection and maintenance in order to avoid additional costs
  • Detailed statistical activity reports per vehicle and driver
  • Idle monitoring
  • Connection to a temperature sensor
  • Connection to the vehicle alarm
  • Unlimited users,  creation of users with limited access available
  • Fully compliant with the general GDPR data protection regulation
  • Creating and Displaying Points of Interest (POIs). Geofencing option available
  • Variety of live updates (vehicle traffic update, speeding, POI or zone entry, etc.)
  • Fully customizable according to your needs

Real-time route illustration

Vehicle details

We have a variety of solutions depending on your needs.