TachoDigital is certified for the installation, service, repair and certificate issuing for all Analogue and Digital Tachographs. We undertake installations of analogue and digital tachographs, new or used, for all types of vehicles.
Our company sells a large variety of digital tachograph models, new and used, from the top manufacturers VDO and Stoneridge. We also have a large variety of analogue tachographs by Stoneridge, VDO, Motometer, Kienzle.
All devices that we sell are in excellent condition and are fully covered by our company in service support and spare parts.

Speed Limiters

Our workshop is certified for the installation, service, repair and certificate issuing for Speed Limiters. We undertake installations of Speed Limiters on vehicles that do not have an installed Limiter.

TachoDigital offers Speed Limiter devices made by Groeneveld and Elson. These devices are top quality and are available at very affordable prices. We offer full service support and one year warranty. These speed limiters can be fitted on vehicles with either mechanical or electronic acceleration pedal.

According to European laws, all Speed Limiter devices must be certified for Good Operation at every given time period, depending on each country’s law. Our workshop is certified to issue such certificates after the necessary inspection of the installed apparatus. In Greece this certificate is valid until the vehicles registration details or owners details change. If such a change occurs a new certificate must be issued. The last issued certificate must be kept in the vehicle at all times, and can be demanded by authorities in case of inspection.

Smart Digital Tachographs (2nd generation)
Starting from June 15, 2019, all vehicles are required to be equipped with new generation digital tachographs.
TachoDigital is authorized to install, calibrate, inspect and issue certificates for Smart Digital Tachographs. We supply tachographs for all types of vehicles that abide to the new EU regulation.

Spare Parts/Analogue Tachograph Repairs
Our technical infrastructure and experience since 1962, in conjunction with the availability of a full range of spare parts enables us to promptly repair all analogue tachographs and offer one year warranty for our work.